Is your equipment making riding an uphill battle?

The ad below actually has little to do with bicycles, other than it uses the bicycle to prove its point.   However, the ad is worth thinking about as a bicycle ad as the reason that they chose the bicycle to convey this message is because there are few activities in life where “having the right tools” can make as big a difference.

Which rider in the ad are you (my personal favorite is the guy trying to pedal from the stoker position backwards)?

Bicycles have come light years in the past few years; offering ride quality and responsiveness that were just a pipe dream 7+ years ago.    If you have not experienced what a pair of current generation HED, Corima, Enve or Zipp wheels can offer (let alone a pair of Lightweight, which will redefine your riding)…  If you are riding on 9 speed (or even 10 speed on the road) components…   If you are afraid to try electronic shifting or have judged it gimmicky without due chance…  If you are riding 26″ wheels on your MTB…  If you have not ridden a modern hydraulic disc brake…  If you have not tried a 25mm or wider tire on your road bike…  If any of these are true, your equipment is not only limiting your performance potential on your bike, but it is actually diminishing from how much you can enjoy riding a bike.

“Took (my new) bike on a fine 55 miler Saturday.  It was AWESOME.  Light and smooth and flies!  Planned to (only) go 30 (miles) and could not stop:):)  Thank you.”

I received this message over the weekend from a rider who replaced her eight year old Roubaix with a nice new Rider Matched bike from Fit Werx with current generation components and wheels.   Committing to this new bike was a big step for her, but you can see the result.  Yes, we sell bikes and components at Fit Werx.  However, what we really do is help people buy a better cycling experience.  Let us help you find out what you have been missing.  Cycling equipment has been in a renaissance over the past five years at a scale that is equivalent to when the derailleur, the front suspension fork and index shifting were all first invented.  Don’t be left behind.  It is time to enjoy riding your bike more!

Fit Werx, voted “America’s Best Bike Shop” and named by Bicycling Magazine as a “Must Visit” bike shop, has locations outside of NYC in Ridgefield Park, NJ, in Peabody and Lexington, MA and near Burlington, VT and Stowe, VT in Waitsfield. Fit Werx is changing the way people buy bicycles through their Rider First Bike Fittings and Rider Matched approach to bike sales. Don’t gamble on your next bike or your fit! Contact us for more information.

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