Just Starting to Ride or Do Tris? Here is Your Next Step…

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Just Getting Started Riding or Doing Triathlons?  Why You Need to Get a Bike Fit Now!

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text margin_bottom=”30″]One of the more common concerns we hear from newer riders and triathletes is that they feel that they don’t have enough experience to justify a bike fitting or to feel the improvement.  Often we hear less experienced bike buyers say something like, “Let me get my new bike and ride it for awhile…” or “I’m going to just buy a bike on Craigslist to see if I like riding and then I’ll come in for a fitting.”  Hearing these things pains us.  Novice and newer riders often benefit as much, or more, than more experienced riders from a good bike fitting and there is no better time to make sure you are fit properly than before you get your new bike.  Here is why:

Riding a bicycle is a human experience – while we may all have different reasons for riding, we all use the same general muscles and balance to make it happen.  This means that a quality bike fitting transcends riding experience.

In fact, a Fit Werx fitting goes well beyond just getting the bike set-up beneath the rider in a supportive manner; we spend a lot of time with the rider working on posture, pedaling technique, core stabilization and other key items that make riding a bike easier, more comfortable and more fun.  The earlier a rider learns and adopts these positive riding habits, the better they will ride and the more comfortable they will be.   As you can imagine, this is exactly what leads to the end result that all of us want – people riding their bikes more often and enjoying it more.

A good bike fitting is not just about problem solving; you don’t need to have a particular issue or awareness of something you are or are not doing while riding to benefit from a bike fitting.  The only real necessity is that you have to want to ride a bike.   Even if you are comfortable on your bike now, a Fit Werx fitting can help you learn how to be a better bike rider while making sure that your bike is set-up in a manner that allows your body to work to its potential.  I can think of more than a few riders who came in to their fitting expecting little change, as they were comfortable already, only to leave with significant changes.

It is great to hear from these folks a month or two later when they have gained speed and are climbing better than ever.  I can also think of riders who we only made minor positioning changes, but that we spent much of their fitting working with motion capture video to help them understand technique and postural elements that helped them get to the next level and/or solve a comfort issue.  As I said, most anyone will benefit from a fitting.

RiderWhen it comes to buying a bike, buying a bike (new or used) without a fitting is akin to buying skis and boots and just heading to the mountain without instruction to see if you like it.  Without knowing something about how to ride the bike properly, the chances that you will like riding go down substantially.  A Fit Werx fitting can help you get the head-start you need to have a positive experience.

Buying a bike without being properly fit in advance is like going on a trip without any maps.  A good bicycle fit provides the map that will guide you to the right equipment and the best riding experience possible.  Novice or professional, having the right map can make all the difference when it comes to reaching your destination.


Fit Werx, voted “America’s Best Bike Shop” and named by Bicycling Magazine as a “Must Visit” bike shop, has locations outside of NYC in Ridgefield Park, NJ, in Peabody and Lexington, MA and near Burlington, VT and Stowe, VT in Waitsfield.

Fit Werx is changing the way people buy bicycles through their Rider First Bike Fittings and Rider Matched approach to bike sales. Don’t gamble on your next bike or your fit! Contact us for more information.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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