IM Training – Week 3

I’m into it now.  As week 3 starts I already see and feel my body adapting to the new stresses of IM training.  Coach Dean Phillips, Co-Owner of Fit Werx 2,  knows how busy my life is outside of training so he created a plan that works around the hecticness.   Typically I’m up at 4:45 a.m. to eat breakfast, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to begin my workout so I’m done by 7:30 to see my girls get on the bus.  This changes a little bit if I workout with my friends Kelley and Serie because we’re usually done by 7:00 so those early starts can be tough sometimes.  The key is getting to bed at a reasonable time, but sometimes even that gets interrupted.

So what does a week look like right now when I’m at, or near, full capacity?

Monday: 1:15 run &  home life (Shop is closed)

Tuesday: Up at 4:45 to get to the pool by 5:45 for 1:15 swim, kids on the bus around 7:40, get ready for work, home life, talk to a client if I’m DJ’ing a wedding that week.

Wednesday: Up at 4:45,  45 minute bike, 45 minute run, kids on bus, work, coach hockey til 8:30, home, bed.

Thursday: Up at 4:45, 30 minute bike, 1 hr run, kids on bus, work, coach hockey til 7:30, home, prepare music for wedding, home life.

Friday: Up at 4:45, 1:15 swim, kids on bus, work, coach hockey til 8:30, home, exhausted, ready for bed.

Saturday: Sleep in til 5:00 a.m. 1:15/1:30 run, off to work, leave work, DJ a wedding until who knows when, get to bed late, can’t fall asleep because I’m wired from all the music, finally fall asleep.

Sunday: Sleep in until 7 or 8, girls off to hockey, jump on the trainer for a 2 hour or so bike ride, do we have a hockey game today?, hopefully relax, back at it on Monday.

I certainly left out a bunch on the home-front, but I think you get it. lol

I’m not complaining because this isn’t every week and it’s my choice.  I have such great support (at the moment lol) from my family and I try to do everything before they are awake.   So far so good.

Have a great day!







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