And so it’s begun… Ironman Lake Placid 2018 here we come!

And so it’s begun… Ironman Lake Placid 2018 here we come!

On January 1, 2018 my Ironman Training officially began.  Once again I am working with Fit Werx 2 Co-Owner, and Head Coach, Dean Phillips, as I prep for my third Ironman, second Lake Placid.

In 2015 Dean put together an incredible plan that allowed me to live my life relatively normal, while making strong gains.  I’m looking to build on my 2015 Mont Tremblant race and look forward to LP.

This time around we took the fall off by focusing solely on the run which allowed me to shed a bunch of weight and gain invaluable run volume.  Now it’s back on the bike and in the pool, along with the run.

I’ll use this blog to chronicle the Journey and to answer any questions you might have if you’re training or considering an IM in the future.   See you on the road. -Marty Miserandino

Fit Werx 2, Co-Owner

About Marty

An Ironman competitor, Marty’s passion for motivating and inspiring people is evident in everything he does. His charity work for the American Diabetes Associations signature cycling event, the Tour De Cure, has been recognized nationally. Marty brings this same drive and enthusiasm to Fit Werx. His goal is to make sure EVERY client has an outstanding experience.


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