The Future of Triathlon Bikes is Here – Enter the 2017 Parlee TTiR w/Disc Brakes

The Future of Triathlon Bikes is Here – Enter the 2017 Parlee TTiR w/Disc Brakes

2017 Parlee TTiR Disc Side

Parlee just announced the first disc brake equipped production triathlon bike on the market – the 2017 Parlee TTiR – and it is a truly beautiful piece of equipment from both an engineering perspective and simply in how attractive it is to the eyes!

2017 Parlee TTiR Frame Geometry

The Parlee TTiR has always been one of the best fitting tri bikes on the market and the geometry table for the 2017 model shows that Parlee has maintained a very functional geometry for many riders through use of a modular frame design that allows for a wide range of stack and reach options out of each frame size. A frame geometry chart is below.

2017 Parlee TTiR – The First Production Tri Bike with Disc Brakes

However, in addition to the refined and beautiful new aerodynamic profile, the big news is that the Parlee TTiR now has disc brakes. The goal was to provide the exceptional power and stopping power of disc brakes, but eliminate the brake design compromises that afflict so many TT and tri bikes due to complicated cable routing and caliper mounting. While we haven’t been able to ride one yet, we don’t know how the brakes can’t function at the head of their class.

We are excited to be a part of the history precedent the 2017 Parlee TTiR will likely set and we look forward to being provided with full spec details and pricing soon. If you are interested in a 2017 Parlee TTiR, contact us and we can talk about how it fits you and will work for your needs. If you have been fit by Fit Werx, we can tell you how well a Parlee TTiR (or any bike) fits you before you buy, so just ask.

2017 Parlee TTiR Finish Options

Like all Parlee’s, the bike will be available in a standard finish (gloss black) as well as the option to have Parlee’s paint wizards do their magic in the paint shop if you want something unique.

The 2017 Parlee TTiR starts at $6299 as a complete bicycle. Check out more pictures and the frame geometry for the 2017 Parlee TTiR below and contact us with questions.


2017 Parlee TTiR - 3 quarter 2017 Parlee TTiR - Front Disc Fork Fairing 2017 Parlee TTiR - Front View 2017 Parlee TTiR - Rear Disc Fairing2017-Parlee-TTiR-Geometry-Chart

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