2019 Cervelo P3X Launches

Cervelo has a number of nice surprises for triathlon this spring.  The P5 Disc just launched and now the new 2019 P3X comes out this week.

What is exciting about the 2019 Cervelo P3X?  Well, for starters, it brings the price of entry to the revolutionary technology found on the P5X down in price while simultaneously reducing weight by almost a pound.  While still far from an entry level price point, starting at $8K with Ultegra Di2 and Shimano’s Dura Ace hydraulic brakes, the 2019 P3X brings the aerodynamics, comfort, fit (quite likely the lowest standover height available in a 700c bike) of the P5X down a few thousand dollars.

What is different about the P3X frame compared to the P5X?  The P3X is not made by HED in Minnesota like the P5X – it comes out of Asia – and the basebar aerobar on the P3X loses the separate left/right feature the P5X bar has. The P3X also does not include a custom Biknd travel case.   This being said, the stack and reach fit coordinates from the P5X are preserved, as are many of the travel friendly features.

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