Special Deals – Cervelo S5

The Cervelo S5 was revolutionary in appearance and performance when it first appeared at the Tour de France and it is still setting the standard for aero road bike performance today. Seeing as the biggest change to the S5 for 2013 was in the paint (same frame construction and very similar spec), Fit Werx's made a special purchase of 2012 S5 models at incredible pricing.  These 2012 bikes are marked down substantially from their almost mechanically identical 2013 siblings.  You save $1,500 on a 2012 Ultegra Di2 equipped S5 Team and $1200 off a mechanical Ultegra S5!  Whether you choose the ground-breaking Ultegra Di2 or the always reliable mechanical Ultegra 6700 component group, you can get a great bike at a great deal. Of course, we're happy to let you know how the S5 fits you if you have been fit at Fit Werx previously.  

A complete list of closeout and special bikes we current have can be found here.

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