Replacement Zipp Vuma Quad Chainrings 4 Bolt 50/34

Fit Werx has Replacement Chainrings for the Zipp Vuma Quad Crankset

If you have been searching the internet in vain for a source to replace your worn out Zipp Vuma Quad chainrings, this is may be your lucky day.  We have a limited supply of replacement Zipp Vuma Quad Chainrings in 50/34 in-stock and ready to ship (we can get more made if we buy in bulk and there is enough interest). A pair of Vuma Quad 50/34 chainrings are $220 a pair. Contact Us to order.

Zipp Vuma Quad Chainrings
Zipp Vuma Quad Chainrings

A Little Zipp Vuma Quad Chainrings and Crank History

The Zipp Vuma Quad Crankset was one of the very best crankset made when it went out of production back in late 2011 or early 2012.  It was very light, at under 600 grams and the carbon fiber crank arms were quite stiff. The Vuma Quad also has a unique over-sized 30mm crank spindle that uses ultra-thin walled bottom bracket cups and can be used in a standard threaded bottom bracket. To this day, the Zipp Vuma Quad is a very cool piece of kit.

So, why did Zipp stop making such an excellent product?  The Zipp Vuma Quad was made in the U.S. at Zipp’s facility in Speedway, IN. As sales of Zipp wheels continued to grow, crank production started to eat away at wheel production. Furthermore, when Zipp was bought by SRAM, SRAM was producing carbon cranks of their own and they felt there was enough overlap between the new Red design and the Vuma Quad to not justify the production of both. While the SRAM Red crank is very nice, we’re not convinced that it is comparable to the venerable Vuma Quad…

Regrettably, when Zipp discontinued production of the crank,  it also stopped making the chainrings.  While chainrings last a long time, they are still a wear item on a bike. They eventually need replacement. If you have tried to find chainrings for the unique 4 bolt design of the Vuma Quad, you know replacements are pretty much unavailable. The only option to date that we have found are carbon fiber chainrings by Fibre-lyte. While the Fiber-lyte rings look very cool and work, they can be finicky to set-up and space correctly. We have also been unable to get them to provide the shift quality and chain retention of the aluminum rings they replace.

We have seen more than a couple Zipp Vuma Quad cranks that were about to head to the trash bin because of the lack of replacement rings. This seemed a tragedy and I set out on a quest to find someone who could manufacture replacement rings for us.  After much searching, I found the original equipment manufacturer of the Zipp Vuma Quad chainrings. Apparently when Zipp first began making cranks, they did not make the chainrings themselves, but contracted that out.  Anyway, this manufacturer agreed to produce a very limited number of compact 50/34 Zipp Vuma Quad chainrings.

If you have worn out standard (53/39) chainrings on your Vuma crank, fear not.  The Vuma Quad fits both standard and compact chainring combinations, so are replaceable with these 50/34 rings as well.  The 50 tooth ring weighs 95 grams and the 34 tooth 35 grams respectively. Contact us for more information about this limited supply product.

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