New Purely Custom Size Cycle in Vermont. MA Coming Soon…

PC-Size-Cycle-1Well, top age group triathlete (and a national “Triathlete of the Year” award winner) Donna Smyers was the last athlete in our VT location to be fit on our old size cycle.   It had been about seven years since Donna had updated her fit and she is thinking about some new equipment and knew the right place to start with positioning.   I’m pretty sure we found some notable speed in position changes and the potential equipment upgrades.  We look forward to seeing what she does with the information over the next couple seasons and we thank our previous Serotta Size Cycle for its many years of dependable service!

While Donna was on the old size cycle, the new Purely Custom Size Cycle was being built.   And, today, after some quick modifications involving a saw to our new podium, the first fitting on the new unit was completed.  While I had fit using a Purely Custom unit before, it was great to have one actually in our own fit studio that was permanent!   From adjustment range to quality and details, these are great size cycles that will further enhance the Fit Werx fit experience and information.

The Purely Custom size cycles offer some of the best motion capture visibility in the industry and the quality of the workmanship and mechanisms are exceptional.  The Gates belt drive on the CompuTrainer resistance unit is a particularly nice touch and the mechanisms that hold and adjust the saddle and handlebar are very smooth, accurate and easy to adjust.   We spent a lot of time analyzing the many size cycles on the market before buying and these Purely Custom size cycles are a great combination of mechanical automation without losing some of the very human elements that should be integral to any quality bike fit.

The other great thing about the Purely Custom Size Cycle is that it is not attached to a pre-configured software package that can be limited in its data output or customization.   All of our custom software solutions (from fit documentation to bike selection templates and CAD Design) will work with the new system and remain adjustable as we need.  The new size cycle is not bike “brand centric” and its only agenda is to serve as a great tool to help our fits be as accurate as possible and minimize adjustment time.

The machining work and etchings on the unit are very well done and the initial impression is that Purely Custom builds things right the first time!   Come in and check out the new unit in our VT location next time you are around.  New units should be arriving in MA over the next month, so stay tuned…


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