New Hours for Vermont Fit Werx

Complete listings of hours and contact information for both locations can be found by clicking the  location specific link on the left menu of the “About Us” page.

As of May 1, Fit Werx in Vermont will adopt new limited hours for regular walk-in retail and an appointment based schedule for service work, product consultations, bike fitting or just kicking tires at other times.  Fit Werx²’s regular walk-in retail hours in Peabody, MA can be found here. This change in Vermont retail hours brings with it some questions, which we wanted to make sure to answer in advance as best as possible.

Q: Why are you making this change in retail hours at the Vermont location?

A: This change will ensure that we provide the best service possible in Vermont by allowing clients to exclusively work with Fit Werx co-owners Ian and Sarah in an environment dedicated to helping one athlete at a time.  This change will also allow Fit Werx as a whole to pursue opportunities that clients have been asking for that were not feasible under the previous structure.

Q:  How does this change effect how Fit Werx in Vermont does business with me?

A: The only difference will be that you will be working exclusively with Ian and Sarah and you’ll want to call in or e-mail to make an appointment before stopping in outside of the new limited retail hours.

Q:  The new hours don’t work well for me.  Can I still buy products or have my bike worked on at Fit Werx in Vermont?

A: Definitely.   For years, many customers have called or e-mailed to have us send product or to schedule a time to drop-off their bike for service work.  For years we have offered a secure location for leaving products or bike pick-up or drop-off during off hours.  We’ll just be doing more of this.  Please just let us know what services you need and when, and we’ll make it work for you.

Q:  I need help right now and am getting the machine at the Vermont location. Who do I contact?

A: Please contact Fit Werx2 in Peabody, MA.  Fit Werx2 is a fully staffed and equipped pro shop and is ready to assist all Fit Werx athletes during their regular retail hours of 9am to 5pm, Tuesday through Saturday.

During appointments, there will be times when you will get voice mail when calling Fit Werx in Vermont, as we are focused on the current client.  Please leave your number and/or your email address and reason for calling and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Regardless of location you contact, if you do not get a response that day, check your junk mail first and then please try again as we did not get your message.

Q: What changes does this mean for Fit Werx2 in Peabody, MA?

A: When it comes to retail hours and approach, nothing will be changing at Fit Werx2.   The only changes you will see will be from our continued and expanded focus on developing Fit Werx2 to be the best possible retail pro shop we can offer, while making Fit Werx in Vermont the best possible personalized fitting studio based location.

Q:   Will the Vermont location of Fit Werx still stock bikes, parts and wheels?

A: Definitely.  The Vermont location will retain a very good selection of bikes, wheels and components and the mechanical shop will remain fully equipped to serve your needs.

As a company, we are more committed than ever to making sure riders who want to work with us are taken care of better than ever.  Please just let us know how we can help and we look forward to working with you soon!

Complete listings of hours and contact information for both locations can be found by clicking the  location specific link on the left menu of the “About Us” page.

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