Guru Photon HL by Guru Cycles Review

Guru Photon HL

Guru-Photon-HL Material: Carbon fiber w/carbon dropouts and bearing inserts

Geometry: Custom

Price Category: Framesets $8000+. Built Bikes: $10,000+.

Components: Factory Specs or Fit Werx Rider Matched

Who is it for? Available only in custom geometry, the Guru Photon HL is for the rider who wants the very lightest frame without compromising fit, ride quality or comfort.

Noteworthy: The Guru Photon HL is not a sub 800 gram frame like the rest of the Photon line. today, it seems like sub 800 gram frames are a dime a dozen. So, what is the Guru Photon HL? The Guru Photon HL is a sub 700 gram frame! Also, with frame geometry and layup built to the individual rider’s needs, a properly fit and designed Guru Photon HL demonstrates the current pinnacle of lightweight frame technology.

Bottom Line: Ready to tackle Mt. Washington, Pike’s Peak, Passo dello Stelvio? So is the sub 700 gram frame of the Guru Photon HL. More than just a hill climbing specialist, the Guru Photon HL is a great all around ride for all but the heaviest or most powerful riders (you folks should be looking at the Photon R…).

We can think of at least one well known manufacturer who managed to create a “lightest ever” frame and in the process also created a bike that fit almost no one (eliminating pesky tubing saves weight…). In addition, as an added challenge, some of these ultralight bikes seemed to have a tendency to shake violently as soon as the speed got above 30 mph. The Guru Photon HL does not fall into these undesirable categories. It is one of the lightest frames in the world, but that was not done at the expense of stiffness or comfort.

The Guru Photon HL uses Guru’s Quantum Carbon Concept to refine the lay-up of the frame and reduce material wherever possible without compromising strength or ride in the process. The Photon series of bikes uses compression molded carbon wherever possible to replace heavier metal internally and also uses ultralight and stiff carbon in the construction. In the case of the Photon HL, the result is a frame that is one of the absolute lightest frames ever, yet it still fits well and doesn’t jeopardize safety in the process.

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