Here's what Fit Werx is about…

Here's what Fit Werx is about…

From the internet to the increasing number of local shops and fitters putting their “sign out” for business,  we realize that you have more options than ever when it comes to where you buy your bikes, parts and service and who you use for bike fittings.

You (and your bike) deserve a level of fit information, set-up, and bike build quality that reflects just how technically advanced a modern road or tri bike is.   Everyone on the Fit Werx staff is dedicated to helping create the best experience we can and to making your cycling as rewarding as possible.  We don’t just want to sell you something, we want to be your source for cycling products because you like what we offer, who we are, and you like the support, knowledge  and connection we offer; we share values.  None of this will be changing anytime soon at Fit Werx.  These less tangible things are the things that can’t be found at every shop or replaced by the internet or technology.

We have always looked to improve and innovate with the times, but not at the expense of compromising our mission of helping make your cycling and triathlon experiences better, or sacrificing core values like knowing that a “Rider First” approach to bike fitting and equipment selection is best.   Below are a few things about Fit Werx that we feel are worth reminding folks about as well as some recent changes we’ve made to help serve you better:

 Expanded store hours at Fit Werx² in MA.   We are open later some weekdays in MA – allowing you to get to us after work.  Full hours by location may be found in the “About Us” section of our site.

• Passionate & Knowledgeable Employees.   From Jim, Mike, Steve, Ron and Brad in service to Geoff and Bruce in buying and fitting, we feel very lucky to have a staff of committed and career based professionals who love bikes and love improving people’s experience on their bikes!  No matter what you ride or why you ride, our staff wants to help.

• Expanding our bike lines to cover a broader range of product options and price points better than ever.   In addition to bike lines like Cervelo, Parlee, Felt, Guru, Gunnar and Moots that we have stocked for years, we picked up Trek and Seven Cycles in 2011.   We have multiple brands in all price ranges and categories with road bikes starting under $1000.  Stock or custom, no matter what your budget, we have one of the broadest selections of quality brands available from some of the most reliable and consistent manufacturers in the industry.  We continue to value and carry many brands that build bikes in North America as well.

• Budget based buying.  We’ve always done this, but we are going to bring it up more proactively as we really want people to understand that we carry just as broad a range of price points as any other shop.  If you have a set budget on your new bike, just let us know.  We’ll always tell you what the absolute best match for your needs is at that price point.  We’re dedicated to making sure you maximize the bike that you get for your money.

• Specialization & Focus.  While you can get a road or tri bike (and the associated components and accessories) at most any shop now, we remain one of the only places that has dedicated ourselves to the category.  Does buying your specialty road or tri bike from the same place you buy your children’s bikes really make sense?   Service, support and solutions – we remain focused on road and tri bikes and the associated equipment and supporting and giving back to the sports.

Race Sponsorship.  In addition to our sponsorship of Team Fit Werx and our continued support of a number of triathlon clubs throughout New England,  we continue to sponsor triathlons like the VT Sun Triathlon Series, Pumpkinman and the Patriot Half.  We were the first shop to attend the New England Multi-Sport Expo and we remain a premiere sponsor of this seminal kick-off to the triathlon season!

Charitable Event Sponsorship.  In addition to our “Fit Werx Gives Back” program that donates money based on your annual purchases to the cause of your choice, we are proud to directly sponsor almost a dozen great cycling based charity rides.  These include The Prouty, Pan-Mass Challenge, Harpoon Point-to-Point, Long Trail Century, MS 150 and the Tour de Cure.

• New Bike Sizing included at no charge with bike purchase.  We started offering a no charge New Bike Sizing service a few years ago to provide a no cost with purchase fitting option.  There are two notable differences this service offers from the fitting options you will find at other shops:  1)  You will be working with an experienced and certified Fit Werx fitter who is always a manager or an owner.  2)  We always size the rider not the bike.   Your position is based in your needs and we don’t just try to fit your body to a given bike – it is still “Rider First”.

 “Fit Werx Gives Back” and “Travel to Fit” programs continue to add value and offer you the ability to give to great cycling based charities with each purchase or save up to $500 on a getaway to visit us to buy a bike from afar.  “Fit Werx Gives Back” was part of almost $200,000 in charity funds Fit Werx helped raise last year!

• Giveaways and contests.   Fit Werx gave away four bikes last year as part of our charity promotions and event sponsorship and we continue to offer our annual Zipp wheel giveaway drawing and other promotions.  Make sure you “Like” us on Facebook/Twitter to stay abreast of the latest.

• Price Match.   We haven’t promoted it much recently, but we have always done what we can to price match when possible.  If you see a product for less from another authorized dealer and it is a concern, please just let us know what you have found and we’ll do all we can to be competitive.   If we can’t, we’ll thank you for giving us a shot.

Rider First Approach to Bike Selection.   We were early adopters of the “Rider First” approach to bike buying and we remain one of the only places truly committed to it – it is the only reliable and guaranteed way to select a bike.  Some shops have become skilled at talking people out of this approach or making it seem like they are providing something similar.  However, last week alone we refit five bikes that were recently purchased at other shops where the rider was told they were getting a fitting with their purchase.  Would those people be here if they received the fitting they thought they were getting?   If you have been fit at Fit Werx before, we always have your information on file and can use it to help you find the right bike(s) when the time is right.  If you have not been fit by us before, think about it before your next bike.  We guarantee that the experience will pay off for the rest of your cycling life.

Selection.  We have a great selection of bikes, parts and accessories.  And, if we don’t have it, with few exceptions, we have access to almost anything you can imagine in the cycling industry.   Just ask and we’d be happy to order it for you.

The bottom line is that we want to be your bike shop and fit studio and we want to earn your equipment, fit and repair business!  Thanks for reading and for keeping us in mind next time you need something.  Please send us an email or post on our Facebook page any ideas or recommendations you may have that can help us serve you and others even better.

Thank you for your continued support!

Ian, Marty, Joe & Dean
Co-owners, Fit Werx


About Marty

An Ironman competitor, Marty’s passion for motivating and inspiring people is evident in everything he does. His charity work for the American Diabetes Associations signature cycling event, the Tour De Cure, has been recognized nationally. Marty brings this same drive and enthusiasm to Fit Werx. His goal is to make sure EVERY client has an outstanding experience.


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