Looking to Develop Proper Riding Posture on the Bike?

Our bike fittings are technique intense and there is too much riding posture and technique information to absorb all at once. Your take-home materials from your fitting include postural video and comments to help you reflect and practice later. These materials just scratch the surface of an extensive topic though. Many back, knee, neck, shoulder and saddle issues when riding a bike stem from muscle imbalances; many muscle imbalances stem from deficient riding posture and technique. Awareness and deliberate practice of proper riding posture on the bike is fundamental to solving chronic comfort and efficiency problems on the bike in the long-term.

Who to Trust?

There are few places to find quality information on proper riding posture and pedaling technique. Thankfully, “few” isn’t the same as “none”. Intended primarily for road riders and triathletes, Shane Eversfield has put together quality materials that discuss the what and why of developing proper riding posture and technique on the bike. Shane’s materials are based in proven biomechanics, but presented in an easy to understand manner for riders of all levels. If you want to develop muscle patterns and habits that lead to greater comfort and balance on the bike, Shane offers a range of books and videos (from basic to comprehensive) that are worth your commitment.

A Solid Recommendation for Riders of All Levels

From his free introductory booklet to his comprehensive books and videos, we highly recommend Shane’s materials for almost any rider or triathlete looking to become a better and more comfortable rider.



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