2010 Easton EC90 Zero Seatpost Recall

Easton has issued a recall on a small number of EC90 Zero seatposts for a top cap issue.  The resolution will be to replace the top cap, but Easton has not sent replacements to us as of October 29.  If you have a EC90 seatpost, please view the attached PDF and see if your post falls into the recall or not.  The vast  majority of EC90 posts are not be part of this recall, but we do know that we sold some that were, primarily as part of a new bike and we encourage all users to check their EC90 Zero post and see if it is part of the recall.


For additional information on this, contact Fit Werx 2 in MA during the month of November (as Fit Werx in VT is closed for November) or contact our Vermont location after December 1 and we will get a new top cap for you.

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