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Dear Tech Support,

I have a size 10 EEE foot. Are there any bike shoes that come in bigger widths?


Hanalei, Hi


There are some manufacturers who have taken the needs of folks with wider feet into account. Sidi makes shoes for wide feet. The Genius 4 MEGA has all the same features as the standard Genius 4, but is designed around a wider last. Shimano and Carnac also make wide versions of some of their models. Another option is to have a custom shoe made for you. While more expensive than stock shoes, they are made to match your foot exactly. Rocket 7 makes custom shoes for all cycling disciplines, including triathlon. (Note: Rocket7 closed in 2009. D2 and Bont both make custom shoes.)

Regardless of your foot size and shape, think of your feet the same way you think about the foundation of a house – they are what supports and aligns the rest of the structure above. Your foot and ankle alignment directly effect your power output, leg alignment, joints and even your hip and shoulder alignment during riding. Poor foot support and alignment can lead to problems ranging from diminished power output, to knee, back and even neck pain. Medical studies have shown that up to 95% of people’s feet pronate or supinate to the point where they do not have optimal alignment. Having an orthotic or custom footbed made is the best solution and will help enhance your riding comfort and power. For best results, find a podiatrist (doctor who specializes in feet), pedorthist, physical therapist or a cycling technician skilled at building custom footbeds specifically for cyclists.

Best of luck and I hope this helps your feet be happy for miles down the road.


Originally published June 2002/Copyright © 2002

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