Cycling Holiday Gift Guide 2016

The Holiday Season is upon us and it’s time to throw out some hints to let others know what you might like to receive or to give you some ideas on what to give that special cyclist in your life.

  1. Indoor Trainers Rule! – In recent years there has been an explosion of “Smart Trainers” on the market with the leader being the direct-drive Wahoo Kickr.  Wahoo added the Kickr Snap, the new wheel-on Smart trainer.  The Snap is ultra-convenient, just put your bike in and ride.  Use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to control resistance and meagarmin-820sure your power.  Training never felt so good!  In addition to trainers from Wahoo, Fit Werx is also a dealer for “smart” and “dumb” trainers from brands like TACX, BKOOL, CycleOps and Kurt Kinetic across a full range of prices. Contact us if you are interested in talking about what trainer would work best for you or to give as a gift.
  1.  The Latest in Bike Computer Technology – Garmin 820. From the Edge 520 to the Edge 1000 and Forerunner 920XT, Garmin has a cycling computer for just about everyone and Fit Werx carries all of their best offerings. For example, the Garmin 820 was released this year and offers the full GPS mapping functions of the Edge 1000, but in the more compact shell of the 520 and with great new features like Strava Live, GroupTrack, Varia radar technology, and WiFi uploads. Needless to say, it is pretty cool and a virtually fail safe gift for most any rider…
  1. Gift Card – Not sure what you want or what to give? Ask for, or give, a Fit Werx Gift Card this year.  The Fit Werx Gift Card can be used of products, such as new bikes, wheels, power meters, etc. or for services such as bike fittings or mechanical work.  A Fit Werx Gift Card is perfect as it lets the selective buyer on your list get the exact product or service they want (bike, wheels, power meter, tune, footbeds…) from Fit Werx. It also is a great gift to encourage that reluctant person who would really benefit from a Fit Werx fitting to finally get one!  Click here to buy a gift card for any amount above $10 on-line
  1. A New Bike – Remember what it felt like to get a new bike as a kid?  Give (or request…) that feeling again with a deposit towards/for a new ride! You only live once!  Contact us to talk more about options for that special someone.xlab-torpedo-versa-500
  1. XLab Hydration Systems – The Torpedo Versa 500 is simply the best single triathlon hydration system on the market.  It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and very aero!  Refilling on-the-go is simple and you’ll have all your data right in front of you with the innovative Garmin mount.   Every long or short-course athlete should have one! Stop-in or contact us and we can ship one.
  1. Power Meter – Indoor cycling classes are an incredible way to build fitness and get strong as you focus on nailing your power numbers, but without a power meter on your bike you will bequarq-elsa-4 riding blind when you get back outside.  A power meter is the greatest tool to train more efficiently and ride your best indoors or out. For Ironman distance triathletes, a well used power meter could be the difference between walking 26.2 miles or running… Check out our recently updated power meter buying guide section for more information.
  1. A Fit Werx Bike Fitting – There is no better way to help a rider make the bike they have now work better and there is no better starting point for the rider thinking about getting a new bike. It is hard to think of a more thoughtful gift as this is one that truly keeps on giving on every ride.

We look forward to helping you celebrate the Holiday Season.  Enjoy the ride and may you and yours be well!



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