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Manufacturer Profile & Review: ENVE Wheels

Why do we carry what we carry? This is one of the best questions you could ask of any dealer. At Fit Werx, we spend a lot of time researching any product and brand that we carry. While we lose some sales because we are not willing to always jump on the latest marketing bandwagon, we sleep well knowing that we do all that we can to offer our athletes products that work better, last longer and perform better.

Ogden, Utah based ENVE Composites is one of the leading edge manufacturers of carbon fiber bicycle wheels and components in the United States.  ENVE started as a carbon tubing manufacturer to some of the best specialty carbon fiber frame builders in the world, including Parlee Cycles.  They continue to manufacture high quality carbon tubing as well as some of the most respected carbon fiber forks and components in the business.  This being said, ENVE has really established themselves with their carbon fiber rims and wheels for both mountain and road.

enve-removable-bladdersWhat makes ENVE wheels special?  In addition to their commitment to R&D and U.S. rim manufacturing, it is the details and the support they provide.

For example, when it comes to details, ENVE carbon fiber rims are built using a bladder molding process that is common to many carbon fiber items.  But, unlike most manufacturers who leave the latex remnants of the bladder in the rim, ENVE puts in the extra effort to remove the bladder.   Why?  The bladder, while light, can unbalance the rim and the rim just doesn’t have a finished appearance.  It was said that Steve Jobs used to make his engineers at Apple sign their work (even though it was buried deep within a computer and never would be seen) as he wanted them to take pride and ownership of the finished product.  ENVE rims can be seen in a similar light and we like attention to detail like this in a manufacturer.

ENVE clearly makes race capable wheels.  However, they do so with the tenet that every wheel must be capable of being ridden hard every day.  This means using top quality proven hubs from companies like Chris King and DT Swiss and having each wheel built by the hands of a passionate technician.  Strong.  Light.  Stiff.  Aero.  Comfortable.  Low Maintenance.  Those are the targets that ENVE aims on all their wheels and they are one of the best companies in the industry at achieving all of these and backing it up with a unique five year warranty and generous crash replacement policy that has driven their competitors to step-up to the plate.

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