Manufacturer Profile: Reynolds Wheels Review

Reynolds RZR 46Reynolds is one of the oldest names in the bike business.  In recent times, Reynolds went from being known for their carbon fork and tubing manufacturing to becoming focused solely on wheels, primarily carbon fiber wheels – thus Reynolds Wheels!

Reynolds wheels have arguably the strongest quality carbon rim wheel options in the business in the sub $2000 category and Reynolds Wheels also makes one of the most ride altering wheels on the market in their full carbon Reynolds RZR super wheel.  If you have ever wondered just how big a difference changing wheels can make, contact us to get set-up on a pair of Reynolds RZR and get ready to realize just how how amazing your bike can ride and perform.  You will be blown away and you will never want to ride anything else (outside of a Lightweight or maybe a Corima MCC).

Reynolds RZR Review & Initial Impressions

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