Manufacturer Profile: Lightweight Wheels Review

Lightweight Meilenstein ClincherLightweight pioneered full carbon fiber bicycle wheel technology starting in the 1980’s!   Lightweight has been producing wheels in their current shape since 1995 – refining the design along the way.   20 years later, there are few companies that have caught up with their technology.  Lightweight wheels were born out of inventive German minds who were convinced that they could build full carbon fiber wheels that would not perform like anything else and they succeeded.  Outside of a very few wheels of similar design and construction, like the Reynolds RZR, a Lightweight wheel remains a unique experience to ride.  What do we mean by unique?  We mean incredible.

HyperspaceEven if you have ridden really nice wheels from companies like Zipp, ENVE, Corima, Mavic, HED, you have not ridden a wheel that reacts the way that a Lightweight reacts.  With Lightweight wheels, your leg power is almost instantly transferred to the tarmac and the acceleration is unparalleled.  Remember “Hyperdrive” from Star Wars?   Lightweight wheels are like putting your bike into “Hyperdrive”.  Once you experience a pair of Lightweight wheels on a climb, other very nice wheels feel like a compromise.

The bottom line is that you will want to ride your bike more once you install a pair of Lightweight wheels and that is priceless.

Yes, this uncompromising feeling comes at a price.  Lightweight wheels cost more than most other wheels.  However, there are plenty of other places in life where you can compromise and it is just a plain shame that more riders don’t allow themselves to ever experience a Lightweight.  Most of us may not be able to get a Ferrari, but with a little thought and savings we can get the bicycle equivalent and a pair of Lightweight wheels is requisite to creating a bike that rides and feels like no other.  Once you ride a pair of Lightweight wheels, there is no going back.

Quick answers to some of the more common questions we hear about Lightweight wheels:

Question:  “What happens if I break a spoke? Is my Lightweight done?”   Answer:  “Lightweight wheels can have spokes replaced with a factory repair.  In some cases, even rims can be repaired if damaged.”

Question:  “Can I ride my Lightweight wheels all the time?”   Answer:  “Yes, we encourage you too.  Lightweight has a strong warranty and for EUR 225 per wheel you can even buy a Wheel Protection Guarantee that covers your wheels against things that are even beyond warranty (like running the wheel over by accident) for three years.”

Question:  “Are there weight limits on Lightweight wheels?”   Answer:   “Yes.  Maximum weight of the bike and rider is 220 lbs and 260 lbs respectively, depending on the model of Lightweight wheel.”

Question:  “What is the difference between the standard Lightweight Meilenstein and the Lightweight Meilenstein Obermayer?”   Answer:  “Good question as they are visually very similar and Lightweight, for unknown reasons, doesn’t make the answer real clear.   In a nutshell, the Meilenstein Obermayer uses a different grade and layup of carbon fiber and includes full ceramic bearings from the factory.  The result is that the standard Lightweight Meilenstein actually has a firmer and stiffer ride to it while the Meilenstein Obermayer is not only lighter, but also smoother and more supple riding.”

Question:  “Are Lightweight wheels available in clinchers?”    Answer:   “Yes they are!  Lightweight offer clincher and tubular wheel options in a few rim depths as well as a disc wheel.”

Contact us if you have other questions, want to learn more about what wheels are best for you, or wish to order a pair of Lightweight wheels.