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Team Fit Werx is not just about racing.  In fact, a significant percentage of current Team Fit Werx membership has never raced and do not have any plans to race.   Team Fit Werx is about passion for riding, supporting great causes and participation.  If you ride in charity rides and like what Fit Werx is about, and are willing to help us spread the word, consider applying to become a member of Team Fit Werx.   In addition to some nice discounts and associated benefits, you become a part of a bigger group of like minded people who are involved in the same events and causes as you.

Membership is Done by Application:

Price:  $119 annual membership

·        One complete Fit Werx clothing kit (road or tri) valued at over $220 provided annually.
·        Product Discounts – Up to 20% off parts*, accessories, & wheels (10% discount is applied at register and you will receive 10% back in FW$ at the end of the season based on your annual purchases); 40% off additional Fit Werx clothing; 20% off labor.  * Discounts do not apply to bikes or power meters.
·        Double the normal amount of Fit Werx Gives Back donations to a cycling charity event of your choice.
·        The opportunity to order Fit Werx team accessories (skinsuits, arm warmers, etc…) at a discount once a year.
·        Opportunities at special promotions and event invites.

·    Ride in the Fit Werx clothing kit whenever possible.
·    Wear your team jersey at all organized races/events such as a triathlons, road races and charity rides.
·    Submit digital content to us at least three times a year (event/race/ride reports, consumer product reviews, etc.) that can be used on the Fit Werx Facebook page/blogs.
·    When event team affiliation is requested, register for all events as a member of “Team Fit Werx”
Renewal:  Members in good standing may renew annually and will receive a fresh kit.
What type of rider is Team Fit Werx for?
  The athlete who would like to make Team Fit Werx their main team and Fit Werx their main shop; the athlete who wants to be an active member of the team and receive the associated benefits.

Team Fit Werx Shop Contact:  email or call Marty at 978-532-7348  for more information.

Charity Rides Fit Werx Directly Sponsors :

Note – While it is great if you are participating in one of these events, riding in any charity event qualifies for the team!

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