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Not all fit systems are the same or produce consistent results. We pride ourselves on viewing rider positioning scientifically while having bike fitters who are skilled at the art of communication and riding technique and who are very familiar with a wide range of bicycle riders and riding.  Our system has been developed through our training, background and experience.

A Fit Werx bike fitting is not like a bike shop bike fitting.  We were quite possibly the first place to bridge the specialization and knowledge of the very best bike fitting studios with the selection and services expected of a great specialty bike shop.  We offer attention to detail, a level of experience and an array of services and products that is found in only a very small number of places in the country.

1) Comprehensive Interview

Every Fit Werx fit starts with a detailed interview that covers everything from your cycling goals and riding habits, to injuries as well as existing problems with your current bike fit.


2) Limb and Skeletal Measurements

By taking skeletal measurements, we determine starting points and gain knowledge on how your body is proportioned. It is important to note that these measurements are designed to give us general perspective as to how you are proportioned and do not directly determine the end riding position.


3) Range of Motion and Stability Analysis

We assess your range of motion, flexibility and stability in key cycling muscle groups so that we can properly align your body and build a position around your individual capabilities and needs. This helps us maximize your strength, comfort and efficiency on the bike.


4) Biomechanical Alignment Assessment and Cleat Alignment

Strong buildings are built on strong foundations. A good fit is not any different. By assessing your skeletal structure for functional and structural limb length differences and reviewing the dynamics of your foot and leg biomechanics, we can stabilize your feet and legs for greater power, comfort and injury prevention. Often we will recommend custom cycling footbeds and cant wedges to accommodate for pronation/supination and forefoot varus/valgus. We make sure to put your feet, legs, pedals and shoes into the most aligned and powerful position possible.

Fit Werx Motion Analysis Ian

5) Size Cycle Positioning & Postural Session

When used properly, an adjustable Size Cycle is the best fit tool available and modern video analysis technology makes it even better.

Motion analysis technology, from companies like Dartfish Motion CaptureFit Werx Motion Analysis IanDartfish is a 2D motion capture system that is not cycling specific. The benefit of the system not being cycling specific is that a fitter can turn Dartfish into just about anything they want or need from an analysis perspective. The drawback is that few fitters take the time to understand or build out Dartfish to its potential. When setup well, Dartfish is an impressive tool. Dartfish is a multi-camera based system ( and it is very visual and an excellent tool to help athletes see and understand their posture and technique through dynamic video feedback and assessment tools. We frequently spend a lot of time in a Fit Werx fitting on posture and technique analysis and 2D motion capture is an excellent tool that helps us help you understand how to get the most comfort and performance out of your body out of your riding position and bike., RetulFit Werx Motion Analysis IanRetul is a bike specific 3D motion capture system that uses LED technology and sensors to allow the fitter to record an incredible number of key angles and averages from a rider as they ride. Retul provides data quicker than Dartfish and also provides averages and minimum/maximum ranges very quickly. The benefit to Retul for many fitters is that it is “Plug and Play”, but the disadvantage for the rider is that the program can be used as a crutch instead of a tool by a fitter who does not understand the biomechanics behind bike fitting. and CompuTrainerFit Werx Motion Analysis IanOur Purely Custom Size Cycles are all equipped with CompuTrainer units to help us analyze positioning changes and instruct you on how to get the most out of your pedal stroke with tools like SpinScan., is used to help us see your position as you pedal while helping us explain key technique and postural elements that are necessary for you to understand if you are to get the most out of your position and bike.  A Fit Werx fitting also includes a preliminary gebioMized Pressure ScannersFit Werx Motion Analysis IangebioMized Pressure Scanners are expensive investments, but they can be a very helpful tool for everything from saddle selection and problem solving to reviewing the effectiveness of cleat adjustment, shimming and other positioning changes to improve alignment and stability. Fit Werx purchased one of the very first gebioMized units available in the United States and was at the forefront of developing assessment techniques and processes with the software. As of this writing, Fit Werx owns more gebioMized pressure scanners than any other single company in the United States. to assess saddle pressure, pelvic tracking and alignment.

The end result is a position that is as efficient and comfortable as possible.

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Fit Werx Apply Fitting

6) Use the Results to Set-Up Your Current Bike or Find the Ideal New Bike for You

If you have an Existing Bike Fitting, we document the riding position from the size cycle and can help set-up your current bike as close as possible to the numbers.  Of course, you receive copies of video analysis of your position and riding technique as well as documentation of all the key measurements (saddle height, reach/drop…) that can be used to set-up any bike in the future.

If you have a New Bike Fitting, we take the results of your fitting from the size cycle and build a design template that helps us find the production bikes that fit you best or design the custom ride of your dreams. Once the best fitting options are known, we’ll discuss the other important variables beyond fit to help guarantee that you make as confident and as informed decision as possible. This Rider First Fit and Rider Matched approach to bike sales guarantees that you not only get a bike that fits as well as possible, but that also rides as well as possible for your individual needs.

There is no reason to compromise on your fitting or your new bike.

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