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Guru Cycles

The sign of a truly great fitter can be summed up as balancing science and art: drawing from a deep understanding of physiological nuances and how they ultimately translate themselves into the rider’s ability to sit in a given position.  It takes a keen eye and a certain depth of experience to harmonize these factors and to harness their potential.  Fit Werx is at the forefront of a small, select group of fit experts in North America who possess all of these elements.  It is a true privilege to be considered amongst the select brands carried by Fit Werx and an honor to work with Ian Buchanan & Crew on a day to day basis.
– Robert Pinazza, Guru Cycles

Seven Cycles

“Fit Werx and Seven Cycles have courted one another for years, and in September 2011 both parties agreed that the timing was right to form a partnership.

Collaborating with Fit Werx over the past several months, their knowledge and passion for cycling are obvious, and reach far beyond the exacting fit standards for which they are known.  By intertwining professionalism, insight, and years of experience into every facet of their business, Fit Werx enhances the cycling experience, from fit to finish.  We are proud to be working alongside such an accomplished team.”
– Joe Wignal, Seven Cycles

Parlee Cycles

“We have had a great relationship with Fit Werx for a long, long time.  Fit Werx was really on the forefront of “fit first” as a retail business model, going back over a decade.  Having bikes that fit has always been one of our trademarks and finding dealers who can get us the correct information makes our lives as frame builders a lot easier.  We know that the staff and owners of Fit Werx will do what is right for their clients short-term and long-term; they understand service and support.  That makes it very easy for us to recommend potential clients to work with them.   There is a reason Fit Werx is consistently one of the largest volume Parlee dealers worldwide.  They simply do a fantastic job.”
-Bob Parlee, Parlee Cycles

Waterford/Gunnar Cycles

“The Fit Werx staff’s depth of knowledge, professionalism, and efficiency make it a privilege to work with them.  They know a great bike is rooted in good fit, sensible design, and commitment to quality materials.  We share these ideals and gladly send our clients their way, knowing each will enjoy many happy miles on a Waterford or Gunnar thanks to the Fit Werx team.” -Richard Schwinn, Waterford/Gunnar Cycles[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row fullwidth=”false”][vc_column width=”1/1″][callout button_text=”Contact Use Here” url=”/contact-fit-werx” button_skin=”dark_gray” title=”Contact us to schedule a bike fitting or to discuss your new bike.”][/vc_column][/vc_row]