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The Fit Werx Difference:  Anyone who tells you that you can be optimally fit with just a few measurements or by punching data into a formula based computer program is either woefully uninformed or just trying to sell you something. Building a proper position takes time and requires that the details of your individual situation be considered from a scientific perspective.

At Fit Werx our methodology is based in proven biomechanical assessment techniques that have been developed to address the specific needs of cyclists and triathletes. Physical therapists, aerodynamicists, medical doctors, exercise kineseologists, chiropractors and structural engineers are just a few of the people that are involved in the development of our fitting steps and product testing techniques. It is our goal to not only help you build your optimal riding position, but to also provide you with the insight and knowledge necessary to understand how your body functions while on the bike and how it affects the products you choose.

We are proud to offer the most complete fit and analysis services under one roof in the country. Review the options and contact VT or contact MA for more information or an appointment.

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– Learn what a Rider First Fitting at Fit Werx entails.
– Test riding pitfalls and how to buy the right bike the first time.
– How to buy a bike with confidence. A rider first approach to bike buying.
– Beyond Fit: Once you know what fits, how we can help you find the bikes that offer the ride and ownership qualities that will suit your needs best.

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