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Ian Buchanan, co-owner of Fit Werx, VT has written Triathlete Magazine’s “Tech Support” articles  as a contributing writer since 2001 and is a Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI) core instructor.  Dean Phillips, co-owner of Fit Werx2, writes” Bike Tech by Fit Werx” for

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Power Consumption Variables

Power Consumption Overview
Rider Aerodynamics (Fit & Positioning)
Aerodynamics of the Bicycle
Stiffness and Compliance (material application and design)
Rolling Resistance
Weight of Bicycle
Frame Geometry and Handling

Frame and Bike Technology

10 Steps to 5mph Faster Presentation – How much time can equipment save
Wind Tunnels, Virtual Wind Tunnel Testing, and Weight vs. Aero
New Bike Feels Slower, But is Faster. Why?
The $2K Bike Question
Choosing a New Bike – How?
Road Bike or Tri Bike. Which is for me? The basics.
The Myth of Materials – Does Your Bike’s Material Matter?
Titanium vs. Carbon. Which is best?
Clydesdale Considerations – unique needs for bigger riders
Is the Giant TCR a good bike?
In Defense of the Custom Tri Bike
How Seatpost Setback Affects Seat Angle
Fork Upgrade Considerations

Carbon Engineering

Carbon, part 1. Bladder Mold vs. Lugged Construction.
Carbon, part 2. Carbon Quality – Not All Carbon is Created Equal.
Carbon, part 3. Who Really Built Your Bike?

Frame Geometry

Comparing Fit Between Brands/Models – What Dimensions Matter
700c vs. 650c Wheels
Bottom Bracket Drop and Fork Rake & Trail – How They Matter
Stack and Reach – What and Why

Fit and Positioning

Why Power Based Bike Fitting Does Not Work
Bike Fitting or Bike Sizing – What is the Difference?
A Guaranteed Approach to Bike Fit
Why Individualized Fitting is Superior to Formulas & Generalizations
Why Fit Formulas Fail
Common Fitting Misconceptions
What is Advanced Computer Based Fitting?
Training and Optimal Position Development
Comfortable Last Year, Not This Year. Why?

Aerobar/Tri Specific:
Aerobar Arm Pad Width
Road or Tri Position for Beginners
Science’s View on Steep Triathlon Seat Angles
Lower Back & Hamstring Pain in Aero Position

Saddle Discomfort – Beyond Proper Fit
Saddle Pressure Scanning Overview

Setting Cleats to Shoes Properly
Morton’s Neuroma on Bike
Achilles Issues on Bike
Foot Pressure Scanning Overview


Accessories: What do I need beyond the bike?
Great Underrated Cycling Products

S-Bend Aerobars
Clip-On Aerobar Features and Fit Comparison

Bearing Grades and Quality
Bearing Q&A

Helmet Selection and Aerodynamics

Chains: Brands, Compatibility and Design
Compact Crank/Gearing Considerations
Press Fit Bottom Bracket Technology

Fork Upgrade Considerations

Pedal Overview and Biomechanical Considerations
Best Pedals for Lighter Riders (ease of engagement/release)
General Cleat Maintenance
Speedplay Cleat Replacement Interval

Power Meter Overview
How to Use Your Power Meter as a Wind Tunnel

Cycling Shoe Fit and Individual Considerations
Cycling Shoes for Wider Feet & Foot Support

Tubeless Road Tires
Tubeless Road Tire Maintenance

Trainers – Indoor
An Overview of Stationary Trainers
CycleOps Fluid2 vs. Kurt Kinetic Fluid Trainer Shootout
Why Your Power Can be Diminished Riding Indoors

Race Wheel Considerations
Dura Ace vs Ultegra vs Race Wheels. Which buys you the most speed?
Tubular vs. Clincher Wheels


General Maintenance:
Periodic Maintenance Schedule
Pre-Ride Checkover
Mileage Based Maintenance Schedule and Checklist
How to Clean and Lubricate a Chainyoutube
Basics of Cable Lubrication
Basic Guide to Common Tools

Wheels and Tires:
Tubeless Road Tire Maintenance & Hints
Tight Clincher Tire Hints
Proper Tire Pressure and Care
Converting 9 Speed Wheels to 10 Speed
How to Change a Tire youtube
Tubeless Tire Installation Instructions

Adjusting the Headset

Road Bike Brake Adjustment Fundamentalsyoutube

Derailleurs and Shifting:
Adjusting the Front Derailleur
Adjusting the Rear Derailleur
Internal Cable Routing and Sluggish Shifting
Derailleur Adjustment Fundamentalsyoutube

Packing and Travel:
Packing Your Bicycle For Shipping

Technique & Training

How to Use Your Power Meter as a Wind Tunnel
What is Pedaling Circles and How do I do it?
Good Runner, Not so Good Cyclist. How to Get Faster on the Bike.
Efficient Pedaling Technique and Postural Keys

Fundraising & Event Ride Preparation

Charity Event Fundraising Hints
What Type of Bike Should I Buy?
Tips to Help Make Long Rides Easier
Bike Fit for Recreational Riders
Bike Maintenance Basics
Riding Better Through Proper Bike Set-Up & Posture
Road Etiquette for Event Rides


Gearing and Gear Inches
Accessories. Beyond the Bike, What do I Need & What is the Cost?