Fit Werx is changing the way people ride and buy bicycles. Since 2001, we’ve taken a “Rider First” approach to bike fitting and a “Rider Matched” approach to bike selection and sales. Both put the most important part of the bicycle first – you. Whether you are getting a new bicycle or we are working with your current bike, the result of working with Fit Werx is a bicycle that enhances your riding experience with every turn of the pedals – a bicycle that makes riding more fun and helps make your goals a reality.

Recent Builds

Whether production or custom, our career based mechanics approach every bike build with a “zero defects” attitude; we want your bike to fit and work as well as possible, last as long as possible, and provide you with the best long-term value and ride experience possible. Here are some of our favorite builds to roll out the doors recently.

Fit Werx Bike Fitting Advantage

Every Fit Werx bike fitting is focused on you – the individual rider. Whether we are working with your existing bike or you are getting a new bike, Fit Werx fits you independently of a bike.

A Fit Werx fitting is built on the shoulders of being at the forefront of bike fitting for many years. Fit Werx doesn’t just adopt new assessment and analysis techniques, we have often been part of their creation. We continue to improve our process as new information and tools allow, but everything is based in methods and approach that has been established and proven over time.

Fit Werx fitting is not a “bike shop fitting” or an “internet fitting”. As with any profession, some providers are more qualified than others, and tools don’t make the result – skilled and caring people do.

Whether you are having trouble getting comfortable on your bike, overcoming an injury or limitation, or are having trouble achieving your performance goals, a Fit Werx fitting is grounded in helping you, as an individual, find solutions through positioning, technique refinement and equipment set-up.

Contact us to schedule a bike fitting or to discuss your new bike.

Read What Our Clients Say About Us:

Adam SmithAdam Smith
15:50 12 May 22
Sat for my second bike fitting in three years to be measured for my first tri-bike. Dean makes the process completely easy and enjoyable, while keeping things understandable for an "age-grouper" triathlete. I look forward to working with Marty and Dean in the future and highly recommend them.
Sequoia YoungSequoia Young
03:24 06 Nov 21
Had a bike fit here after a number of ineffective fits from shops and PTs across the country. Fit Werx has displayed an excellent level of professionalism, a great use of technology for the fit, and the staff are knowledgeable and kind.As a visual person, it was extremely helpful to be able to see them using so many metrics to measure my bike sizing. We could watch the graphs respond to real-time input as I rode on the trainer and it allowed me to make adjustments and learn about what I need to be working on. The shop was very capable at adjusting my bike accordingly and was able to recommend replacement parts were applicable. Anyone in the northeast looking for a well-done bike but should see Ian at Fit Werx to get set up! He knows anatomy and bikes and it makes for a very successful combination. It's well worth the drive.
Jonathan DingJonathan Ding
17:07 23 Nov 23
The team is very knowledgeable and kind. Great place to get a custom bike.
Paul RiosPaul Rios
02:15 22 Nov 23
I've been a happy customer for 3 years now. I can't praise the team at FW2 enough!Dean has helped me dial in my position over time...each time seeing great performance gains.Stephen always helps dial in my bikes, and keep them in perfect working order.Marty keeps things cruising along, and is always available for a great chat and sharing ideas.
Marc RosenblumMarc Rosenblum
00:58 04 Nov 23
I am very happy about my bike fitting experience. Dean was very thorough with the fitting and answered all of my questions. He was patient and understanding. Dean made recommendations of bikes that would be good for my first Ironman Triathlon. I feel very confident that I will be purchasing the right bike for me after today. Marty was super helpful as well addressing concerns and answering questions. The whole experience from the intial request to a the fitting have been A+. I highly recommend FW2!
Steve AdamsSteve Adams
00:08 03 Oct 23
Dean did an amazing job fitting me to my existing bike. He listened to my goals, spent a bunch of time making tiny adjustments til it was just right. They had the parts on hand to match the new position to my bike, and provided an excellent report at the end as well. After a few rides on the road, I have zero pain or pressure and can ride for longer. Well worth the price for their experience and knowledge!
John WitmerJohn Witmer
14:13 07 Sep 23
This is one of the top bike shops I have found. Dean has done thousands of bike fits and incredibly helpful and easy to chat with. He answered all my questions, took his time and you could tell he was pro with fittings. I asked about potential new bikes and they weren't pushy in any way and helped me choose the bike that fit my height (I'm an odd size at 6'7) and Marty was able to walk me through this process step by step. Overall, great experience and couldn't recommend them more.
Diane HoranDiane Horan
14:59 27 Aug 22
Stopped with a flat tire while touring the area. Changed it out in 10 minutes. Wish we lived closer. They would be our Go To bike shop
David D'AmoreDavid D'Amore
14:33 05 May 22
Great experience during my fitting, the level of detail when fine tuning every aspect of my riding form was impressive, and has made a huge difference. The whole staff was professional and honest. They really cared about finding the right fit, and not just upselling. I plan to go back for all future bike purchases.
Brendan MaxonBrendan Maxon
18:53 17 Apr 22
Had an amazing experience at Fit Werx this winter. They sized me up for my next bike and recommended the Cervelo Caledonia based on my size and desired biking goals. This was actually one of the bikes on my short list that I had already identified as a great candidate based on price and features. They built the bike relatively quickly given COVID times, and even swapped out the chainrings for me to the compact set. Really happy with their service and look forward to continue to have them as my LBS
Harriet DeitzHarriet Deitz
17:19 06 Apr 22
I just completed my fitting with Dean at Fit Werx and can’t wait to get out and ride. I have been uncomfortable on my bike for a while, and I am confident the changes Dean made will help me enjoy cycling again. I was blown away by his expertise, knowledge, and technical abilities, as well as his personal skills. During the fitting, he was able to tell what small adjustments made me more comfortable by just looking at me ride. Book your bike fitting at Fit Werx. It will prove to be a smart investment and improve your cycling experience.
Grace BenderGrace Bender
00:39 08 Nov 21
Dean, Marty and Mike were absolutely fantastic! Dean made some changes to my current bike to eliminate my back pain while riding. I am training for an IRONMAN 70.3 and the training process would not have been nearly as enjoyable without a professional fitting from Fitwerx in Peabody. Thank you!
Matthew St. HilaireMatthew St. Hilaire
01:49 26 Sep 21
Only bike shop I will frequent after my experience there. I’m no pro, just a weekend warrior that enjoys riding enough to invest in a good bike. Every interaction with the guys there was great… from the bike fit, to the help and guidance making the right choice of bike, to the bike build. To top it off, after having a mechanical issue in the first couple weeks on the new bike, they bent over backwards to make sure I was taken care of and back riding ASAP. (PS - I never leave reviews online, but they warrant one.)
21:23 23 Sep 21
Nice to know I will never have to look for another shop in the U.S.Best ownership, fitters, and mechanics you will find anywhere.
Marc WippernMarc Wippern
20:46 07 Aug 21
These guys know their stuff!!The bike fitting experience with the "fit the bike to the rider" philosophy of Fitwerx is a unique experience. Whether you are buying a bicycle you consider to be expensive or inexpensive this process is well worth the time.Dean is amazing and will use your specifications to fit you on a bike suitable for you. And when the bicycle arrives it will be built to your measurements. This is a departure from every other bicycle store's methods.This kind of attention to detail is a huge reassurance for a customer that they are receiving a quality product and quality service.
Michael LeeMichael Lee
19:29 04 Aug 21
This place is awesome. I did a bike fitting and then purchased a new bike. It was my first "expensive" bike so I asked a lot of questions and during the fitting Dean was happy to answer all of them and super helpful with recommendations.After ordering the bike, the manufacturer had an issue with a shipment of one of the parts, and only let Fitwerx know a few days before I was supposed to receive my bike. Despite the fact they were not alerted to this until the last minute, Marty and the rest of the group there went out of their way to locate the part so they were able to get me the bike only a day or two late. It certainly beat waiting the extra month it would've taken for the manufacturer to locate the part. Each time I was there, they were polite friendly and helpful, and I know it is a tough business now due to the low supply of bikes available. I cannot recommend them enough!
Brian DriscollBrian Driscoll
11:27 14 Jul 21
This place is amazing. Super knowledgeable group!
Jodie PoreskyJodie Poresky
21:10 28 Jun 21
Thank you Dean!!! I have been road biking for the past 15 years, I consider myself an Intermediate rider. I have had several bike fittings in the past and I found this fitting to be the BEST EVER!!I was told by another "high end" bike shop fitting service that my current road bike was no good and I needed to buy a new custom bike. Thank goodness I had enough sense to get a second opinion. I went to Fit Werx2 thinking perhaps I did need a new bike, but wasn't quite sure. Dean took the time to listen to me, he was professional, efficient, patient, and detail oriented. After my bike fit was completed, Dean gave me an honest evaluation of both options. Instead of telling me my old bike was "no good and nothing could be done", he told me that he could make several adjustments that would come closer to my ideal fit or could buy a new bike. I really appreciated his honest opinion, patience, and bike fitting skills/knowledge. I could not have asked for a better experience.Fit Werx is now my go to bike store.
19:10 30 Apr 21
High-tech CAD meets plumb line savoir-faire! Never felt so well taken care of with the right blend of technical expertise and laid back, easy personality. Just had Mike M do a fitting this morning. A master class and super nice personality. Looking forward to the purchase and future maintenance. Just superlative attention to detail and a great listener. Quality rules! You won't regret shopping there!
diane Goldseindiane Goldsein
19:51 23 Apr 21
We can not thank you enough for your great kindness in helping to repair my husband’s walker. Thank you Marty for going above and beyond your usual work.
Michael DohertyMichael Doherty
22:44 28 Aug 20
Dean led me through a comprehensive fit this afternoon with professionalism and mastery. I came in to improve some discomfort that I had been having in the saddle (numbness mostly).We first improved my overall fit by moving all of the adjustable positions of the bike around, and then worked through a number of saddles (including some that I had brought of my own) to improve my comfort. After making adjustments all over my current setup (shoes and cleats included!), Dean was able to get me to a place that was much more comfortable.Couldn't recommend FitWerx anymore -- if you spend more than a few hours a week in the saddle, come see these guys!
Chris SandersChris Sanders
00:24 14 Aug 17
Marty, Dean, Brad and the Fit Werx crew have been awesome! Helped me every step of the way from fitting to getting me on my new tribike in time for Ironman Placid.Every time I had a question or hit a snag with the manufacturer, Marty was super responsive and right there with me doing whatever it took to get me back on the road again.I was back to get a tune this past weekend and Brad helped troubleshoot a couple of issues like a pro. These guys know their stuff when it comes to high-end bikes. Didn’t think the tune would make too much of a difference but now she rides faster than wind and smooth like butter!
Andrew MuirAndrew Muir
18:46 12 Dec 16
I worked with Dean on my fit after years of independent changes with a frame that was a long way off. Dean is extremely thorough, personable but most importantly a stand out rider/athlete himself. Maybe the best Palmares for a Professional Fit expert on the East Coast. We looked across a variety of manufacturers for my build up and made adjustments based on my preferences. Flexibility is key when it comes to large investments, especially with control freaks like me. After only 1.5 months, I had to warranty replace my frameset. Since then, Dean has been responsive to several emails to get me back on track. Look no further, this is the shop you want to work with. Its worth the trip from Boston for me.I could write a whole other entry for Stephen K. He's the best Mechanic in the Industry, full stop.

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