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Manufacturer Profiles (company philosophy, engineering & manufacturing techniques) of Brands Fit Werx Represents (Note: We can order many other brands, please inquire):

Cervelo Cycles Review Toronto, Canada.  Manufacturing:  Asia & USA

Ellsworth Bicycles – Ramona, CA.  Some Manufacturing:  Asia

Eddy Merckx Cycles – Meise, Belgium.

Felt Bicycles –  Irvine, CA.  Manufacturing:  Asia

Guru Bicycles Review Laval, QC, Canada

Independent Fabrication – New Market, NH

K.Bedford Customs – Greenfield Center, NY

Look Cycles – France

Moots Cycles Review Steamboat Springs, CO

Parlee Cycles Beverly, MA.  Custom Manufacturing:  MA.  Stock: Asia

Trek Bicycles – Waterloo, WI.  Manufacturing:  Wisconsin and Asia

Waterford/Gunnar Bicycles – Waterford, WI

Back in the early ’90’s a company called “Fat Feather” had a slogan, “Friends Don’t Let Friends Ride Junk.” To us, that pretty much sums up our job as a dealer. While many dealers focus on carrying what has the most demand and then letting the customer decide whose marketing works best, we see representing products this way as doing you a disservice. It is our responsibility to know what is on the market, what the pros and cons of each are, and to select and offer the very best products within each category, price point and brand to carry and recommend.
Our selection process starts by offering class leading brands; we are proud to offer brands that are innovators. It also means not just buying into and regurgitating a manufacturer’s marketing, but actually scrutinizing, testing and reviewing the products we carry before offering them to you. Finally, it means providing information so that you can understand the value we see in the products we carry.
Buying a new bike can be a big decision; there is no reason to guess as to what will work for you. Only if we have helped you make an informed decision that meets your individual nParlee Altum Disceeds, have we done our job. With this in mind, we hope that you find the information on these pages helpful and we encourage you to email or call us with questions or would like additional information.

Here is what you will find within this section to help you find the right bike:

  • Articles on how to choose the right type and model of bike for your riding.
  • Detailed discussions on the variables to think about when choosing a new bike and their relative importance to overall performance, comfort and satisfaction.
  • Information on materials and engineering used in bikes and frames. Not all materials are created equal…
  • Overviews of manufacturers and how and why they build bikes the way that they do.

How to Choose a New Bike:

Product Based Energy Consumption Variables:

Riding fast and comfortable is all about economy of motion and energy transfer. From frame flex and stability, to riding position and aerodynamics, a number of variables influence your end performance and comfort on a bike. Click on the following to learn more about what these variables are, how they relate to the big picture of energy consumption, and how to use them when selecting a new bike or frame for your needs.

Materials and Engineering:

Associated Tech Articles on Bikes and Frames:

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